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  ABC    ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  

    February 28, 2014
    5:30 - 6:01pm PST  

watching we'll see you at kf. welcome to "world news." tonight -- breaking news. monitor storm. residents pulled from trees and rivers of mud out west as the rest of the nation braces for another major snowstorm. the white house delivers a stern warning to russia and vladimir putin. tensions flare, is the russian military moving into ukraine? and on the run. an abc news exclusive. we'll show you the video that broke open an international manhunt for a mother and her two missing children and our david muir tracks her down. and a good evening to you on the west coast this friday night. as we begin the storm so big it
inspires respect even from space. it's a monster. watch, a super-soaker pummelling california, part of the state looking at streets which have become rivers of mud, debris and families on the move. officials faced with the daunting task with moving the ocean of mud. every day ahead, the rainmaker will be marching east, where winter-weary residents are once again facing a lot of snow and abc meteorologist ginger zee reports from the middle of the storm and the water and the mud in california. >> a long rushing los angeles river. two men and their dogs clinging to this fallen tree. watch as they pull one dog and the next into the boat. so much of the rain merely denting the remarkable drought
but coming too much too fast for some. >> we're evacuating, we're getting ready to get everybody out. the mud's coming down, we've got to go. >> reporter: at the foothills of the san gabriel mountains at least 1,000 homes evacuating, intermittent mudslides leaving behind trails of debris. even though a majority of this initial slide came down already, you can see the problem, why the road is closed. this is not road. this is leftover mud, thick throughout the streets. the heaviest rain in almost three years drenching the state with two to six inches already. the winds taking out trees, knocking out power for at least 30,000. just look at that storm, the center, churning through the pacific -- and it's far from done with california, watch the clock on the top bar. heavy bands of rain will pass in and out for the next 48 hours. another three to four inches of rain north of los angeles, adding to what is already more rain in three days than parts of california has seen in the whole last year.
now, this same storm is going to rocket east as we head into the weekend. it means snow, cold air. snow and ice for some. you can see the snow totals. six to 12 inches the pink. the last thing a lot of folks want to hear after a very long winter. diane? >> thank you ginger. we begin with the urgent situation overseas in ukraine, there are reports that russian president vladimir putin is moving his troops into that country, and putting the united states and the whole world on a kind of hair-trigger. late today, president obama personally warned, if putin is, there will be costs. abc chief foreign correspondent terry moran reporting now from russia, on the crisis in ukraine as tensions are rising at this hour. >> reporter: vladimir putin made his move in ukraine. at dawn, bands of armed men appeared at the two main airports at crimea and seized control. they wore uniforms with no insignias or identification. their trucks had no license
plates. and they spoke russian, not ukrainian. that was the start. tonight, russian troops, hundreds, perhaps as many 2,000 ferried in transport planes have landed at the airports. convoys were seen along the roads. president obama spoke at the white house soon after the russian incursion. >> we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by russian inside of ukraine. there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> reporter: in ukraine, a country on the edge of civil war, a war that could drag in russia, europe and even the u.s., these were frightening developments. >> we are on the edge not of the new cold war, but we are on the edge of hot war. >> reporter: the real danger right now is that ukraine is torn between russia on the one hand, so close and so powerful, so bound to it by history and language, and the west on the other side with its promises of freedom, democracy and prosperity.
but where the russian forces moved in today, in crimea, russian is the main language. it's home to a huge russian naval base. they welcomed these mass troops. to them, this is still their rightful president. viktor yanukovych, who fled the capital city of kiev, as protesters took over there, he finally appeared in russia, at a raucous press conference and declared, i am ready to fight for the future of ukraine. but tonight, all eyes are on one man -- putin and what he'll do next. terry moran, abc news, moscow. and i want to bring in abc chief white house correspondent jonathan karl, so jon, tell us where we stand at this moment, does the white house believe that russia has invaded ukraine and does that require a military response? >> well, look, the white house is not saying that, the president referred to reports of an invasion, but make no mistake, diane, you wouldn't have seen the president of the
united states come out on national television and make a statement like that if he had any reason to doubt that the russian military is behind what we are seeing in ukraine. but there's no discussion of u.s. military involvement. >> but the president talked about response and costs. so, what will happen next? >> they're deeply concerned about this, the president said very clearly there will be costs. you heard that in terry's story. but, look, they haven't specified this. one thing to look for, the russians are hosting a major summit of eight of the top world economies in june, in sochi, russia, the united states could boycott that and so could european nations. that would be big deal to russia. >> first thing may be to isolate him diplomatically more. >> absolutely. >> thank you, jonathan karl. now, a verdict on a big story back here in new york. a smile from kerry kennedy and her family. she was found not guilty of driving while impaired.
of knowingly driving under the influence of a sleep aid. members of the kennedy family supported her in court all week. and today, the daughter of robert kennedy had a message for them. >> i want to thank my family and my friends, my mother, ethel kennedy, and my daughters. i'm just very, very grateful that justice was done. >> and by the way, that verdict was unanimous. and also tonight, new tapes putting new heat on new jersey governor chris christie, all because of that traffic jam on the george washington bridge orchestrated by members of his inner circle. for the first time we're going to be able to take you there at the moment it was happening -- as frustrated, frantic people were calling for help. abc's senior national correspondent jim avila with the headline tonight. >> the gw bridge is totally gridlocked. >> stay out of the center of town.
>> reporter: 911 tapes released today takes us inside the chaos that was fort lee, new jersey. when top aides of the governor jammed the world's busiest bridge. >> you are aware the town is total gridlock. >> reporter: warning first responders firefighters, police, it is not a normal day within fort lee. >> we're getting calls from irate motorists. >> reporter: the four days from september 9 through 12, now forever known as fort lee's traffic armageddon and chris christie bridgegate. despite that noise, governor chris christie insists he was kept in the dark. one of the influential counties wailing about unbearable traffic, in the middle of his re-election campaign. he insists that he didn't know about those medical emergencies on hold. >> paramedics were notified. she has a head injury. >> you know, it's an emergency and they are not still here. >> they're coming.
okay, they're on the way. >> reporter: that's christie palling around with david wildstein, the appointee who ordered up the traffic jam. on the the very day fort lee suffered. neither he nor anyone else on his staff told him what they were doing to the innocent people of fort lee. jim avila, abc news, new york. and next here tonight, an abc news exclusive, every year 1,000 children are abducted by parents and taken overseas, and just this week, a senate panel has promised to help parents fighting to return their children to the united states. so, tonight, we're going to take you inside one of those cases. with the video that broke it open. and we tracked down the mother and two sons at the center of an extraordinary international manhunt. abc's david muir spending months on this trial. david? >> reporter: diane, as you know, this is incredible. 18 months go by, in fact, two dads, two ex-husbands have no idea where their two beloved boys are, when suddenly a piece of evidence breaks the case wide open. you're about to see those
stunning images. and tonight, right here on "world news," you'll hear from the fugitive mother herself as we track her down. >> okay, once upon a time -- >> reporter: this is the story of two beautiful little boys. two brothers. like so many children across america tonight, they are boys who try to push the limits at bedtime. this is jerry. >> it's time to go to bed. >> no, it's not. it's not time to go to bed. >> yes, it is. it's almost 8:30. >> well, guess what, no. >> reporter: and then there's sasha, laughing here as he jumps on the trampoline. but the laughter from both boys goes silent. they vanish. leaving on a summer vacation with their mother, they never come back. in california, two different fathers, both once married to that woman, heartbroken over their boys. for 18 months, both of them asking, where are their sons? for months now, we've been documenting their international hunt. >> jerry is everything to me. without him, i can't live. i can't breathe.
>> can you hear his voice still? >> oh, of course. it's strange because i feel like i'm with him all the time, except he's not here. >> reporter: they rely on tips from perfect strangers all over the world. we follow the leads. many are a bust. and then the biggest clue of all. look at this. the stunning video. the boys playing at a resort in slovakia, caught on tape more than a year after they disappeared. their mother right there in those orange shorts. and what's most startling to the fathers is how they look. their long hair. one of the boys in pigtails. and that's sasha to the left? >> that's sasha in the pigtails disguised as a girl in the yellow shirt. >> reporter: the fathers show us the video, the tip from a stranger, the international dragnet now tightening. but we wanted to hear from maria ourselves. could we find her? we drive through geneva to the address.
we knock. there's no answer. suddenly maria, who's now ready to speak with us do you think about them every moment? >> every second. >> reporter: she tells me that she's lost without them. >> i love them more than my life. >> so why leave? why take the boys and run? >> i didn't run. i left on a family vacation. i just didn't return. >> reporter: she just didn't return, she tells me. and just hours from now, on "20/20" she'll reveal why she didn't return. and we asked about the pigtails, the video, the disguises and where the boys are now. diane, this all comes on the same week there are hearings to help parents. >> again, a reminder to everyone, david's full report will be on tonight, a special "20/20," on the run, at 10:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. and next here tonight, something happening this weekend, a test across the country about faith and movie fans. will a brand-new movie about jesus roar to the top of the box
office and deliver a message to hollywood? here's abc's steve osunsami. who says everyone is watching what happens. >> what is his name? >> jesus. >> reporter: hollywood for the faithful. it's the film churches across the country are sending families to see this evening, renting out entire theaters, more than 500,000 tickets are already sold for "son of god." this version of the greatest story ever told comes exactly ten years after the release of the much more graphic "passion of the christ." both films embraced by christians but side by side, "son of god" centers more on the idea of god's love than christ's suffering. this pastor told me that this is a smiling jesus. >> when you start trying to portray that on film, i can't even imagine how complex and complicated that is. >> reporter: produced by actress roma downey and her husband mark burnett, they say they stuck
close to scripture, the film was shot in morocco. the story never gets tired. from jesus of nazareth. >> as long as i am in the world, i am the light of the world. >> reporter: to the recent hit miniseries "the bible," son of god is actually edited from its footage. the satanic figure that many felt too closely resembled president obama, has been cut from the film. the producers say their message is love. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. and up next right here tonight -- march madness. the basketball game that erupted into mayhem on the court, the call tonight to change the rules when it comes to celebrating a win, is a crackdown coming on the fans? we're back in two minutes. we asked people a question, how much money do you think you'll need when you retire?
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next here tonight, from celebration to chaos in an instant. a violent end to a heated basketball game has reignited a debate -- is it time to make sure fevered fans cannot swarm the floor? abc's ron claiborne shows us what happens. >> new mexico state -- >> reporter: it happened just seconds after utah valley state's big win over conference rival new mexico state. >> ross miller took the basketball and hurled it -- >> reporter: in a matter of seconds, a melee erupts as fans stormed the court to celebrate. >> uh-oh, we got a fight going on. >> reporter: watch again. a new mexico state player throws the ball at a utah valley player about 15 feet away. >> wow. >> reporter: then, with cheering fans surging onto the court and another new mexico state player in the middle of the crowd, it turns ugly. a chaos of flying fists, grappling and bear hugs. >> what a terrible end -- >> reporter: while court stormings like this, have now
become almost routine, it happens almost every time duke loses on the road, duke's coach has had enough. >> whatever you're doing, you need to get the team off first. we deserve that type of protection. >> reporter: officially, colleges say they discourage fans from running onto the court. one conference even fines the home team but -- >> there's a mixed message that's sent. they say, "we don't like it," but they really do like it. it gives them an air of excitement. >> reporter: many schools have security officers in place to quickly whisk away opposing teams and game officials. some even monitor social media during games. but once the fans start surging, the crowd takes over. now some team officials warning that something must be done. more security, harsher punishments, before someone gets seriously hurt. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. and when we come back -- look at what one man found when he did a little spring cleaning, it's our friday "instant index." a cool million? she loves a lot of the same things you do.
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our friday "instant index" includes some astonishing feats in the air, in the water, and in the snow. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: we begin this week's index with this. yep, you just did see what you thought you saw. two daredevils flying above and below the outstretched arms of christ the redeemer in rio. in italy, the pope met his mini-me. in thailand, a monkey steals a tourist's camera, takes a selfie. in california, a whale slaps a tourist. once more in slow motion. and in georgia, this guy was cleaning his room and found a winning but forgotten lottery ticket. kids, there's a moral to that story. if freestyle sledding ever gains olympic status, this kid from new york will win gold. finally, an incredible light show over northern europe this
week, the northern lights, no photoshop, no fake, that's real. that was the "instant index." i'm nick watt. and up next -- as we count down to the oscars, we'll tell you some secrets behind some of the most famous scenes in movie history, thanks to our "person of the week." ladies, does your overactive bladder make you worry about constantly being near one of these? because now you can take control with $8 off oxytrol for women when you visit are you ready to live with less frequency, urgency and accidents? two weeks, up to half off, can help you get started. so don't wait. take control with oxytrol for women. visit today to save.
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and finally tonight, you're going to meet the person who has been nominated for twice as many as oscars as the second-place contender. we are talking 49 nominations in all, 49, for a man who's right there inside of some of the biggest movies of all time, from "star wars" to "jaws," to "indiana jones." tonight we bring you john williams, whose music plays a starring role and he's our "person of the week." when its genius it's not really music, it's a feeling we think we always had inside. like "star wars," the universe of possibility outside and the universe of menace inside the human heart. didn't we know darth vader would make us feel like this?
and without our "person of the week," would we have fallen in love with e.t., the scrawny extraterrestrial? try it. here are some kids with bikes trying to go to the sky. and here it is, with the music that made us feel like flying in our dreams. >> they lift off the earth and fly over the moon and we buy it. we just accept it, the end result gave it kind of an operatic quality. it's a fabulous scene. >> reporter: and in a sense john williams is an interpreter of our shared american hopes, our shared american fears. imagine for a moment that you had to come up with the sound of a primordial juggernaut, something that could not be stopped? would you have done this? two notes in "jaws" setting up a whole story.
>> for me, the two-note pounding, not heartbeat, but a force in nature that we are powerless to change or alter. >> reporter: five notes in "close encounters." >> i got up to 200 or 300 of these bloody things and kept playing them for steven. we couldn't decide what it should be. so we said, "we got to choose one." you know, the time has come. >> reporter: music that seems inevitable now. down deep at the level of meaning, still inside an 82-year-old composer who writes every day. >> i can't get there fast. i got to work to get it. to earn it. the essential thing seems to be getting something on paper and even if it's bad, discard it the next day, but do something every day. >> reporter: do it and believe that everything around you is sending you a song. >> i've always felt that there's more music in trees than there is anywhere else. i'm not the first composer that
ever said that. i think elgar was the one that said, "the trees are singing my song, or am i singing theirs?" >> and singing ours, and so we choose john williams and you can watch the oscars, of course, live right here on abc this sunday. and we thank you for watching all week. we're always here at remember, "20/20" tonight. david muir's special report and he'll be in the chair all weekend. i'll see you again on monday. good night. rainy day traffic at the golden gate bridge the bay area gets a healthy dose of wet weather. >> the peninsula took the brunt of the first wave. >> east bay got dumped on as well. here is a flooded neighborhood
in pitsberg. >> the most-encouraging image may thb one. res voirz are finally filling up. good evening. we do rick like to see that. >> let's begin with a look at live doppler 7 hd. spencer? >> yes. live on the roof for just a moment i was dry, excuse me, just started to rain again. put up the umbrella. taking a look at current conditions we've got showers around the bay area. some are locally heavy. and beyond. moving inland. and in the east bay near hayward areas of showers and locally heavy showers in that system.
pulling back to give you a wider view, you can see a big storm off shore that is wrapping thundershowers out around the bay area, taking a look at the 24 hour rainfall total we've had a soaking at mount st. helena. over an inch in concord. nearly an inch in san jose. there is more on the way. animation start agent 7:00 this evening shows bands of showers coming into the bay area maybe a thunderstorm or two. i'll give you a look in just a moment. >> spencer, thank you very much we have live team storm watch coverage tonight from throughout the bay area, people in the south bay and damage in the east bay. let's begin in march yint county. wayne? >> we've seen all kinds of weather today. we're standing here new with the